Announcing Rax for BigQuery

Hello world! We are very pleased to announce yet another Rax integration: Rax on Google's BigQuery. BigQuery is the fourth large-scale, in-the-cloud database supported by Rax, next to Amazon's Redshift, Snowflake and Azure's SQL Database. The biggest advantage of this new integration is that now it's possible to use Rax… Read more →

Oops, we did it again...

After our successful appearance at WHAT datathon we decided to try our skills again and, together with an old friend of mine Konrad Banachewicz from TNG Quant Consultancy, we took part in Eneco's Predictive Maintenance Challenge, a part of Dutch Data Science Week 2017. And yes, we won again! Business… Read more →

Behavioral targeting with Rax

The rise of programmatic buying More and more online ad space is sold nowadays via a process called programmatic buying. What this means, is that every time a person visits a website or an app with an advertising space, this space is offered for sale on an auction. Advertisers can… Read more →